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Getting started with DoCircuits

How to build circuits

Building circuits couldn't get any easier than this. Just drag the components from the component panel onto the grid. Connect them up with the help of your mouse. Click on Run and choose the suitable method of simulation and click on Run again to simulate. You can see the results at once. Its that simple! A detailed description follows:

1.     After entering DoCircuits, you will see the grid on which the circuits will be made.

2.     To start building circuits, click on any component drag and drop on the grid.

3.     To move the component just click on it and drag it along the grid and release to place it. To rotate the component right-click on the component and click on rotate.

4.     Similarly you have “flip horizontal”, which flips the component horizontally

5.     You have “flip vertical” which flips the component vertically.

6.     To remove the component click on “remove” or press DELETE key after selecting the component.

7.     To select multiple components, click on an empty area and drag over the components.


8.     Similarly to delete multiple components, select all the components and press DELETE key.

9.     All the above functions are also available in the Edit menu.

10.Clicking on“components” in the Build menu will open the components window.

11.Once the components are dropped on the grid, connect them with wires. Free nodes are shown by a red circle. ( )- they become black once connection is made. When cursor is brought over the red circle automatically it enters wire mode. With cursor over the node click to start wire and move the cursor (no need to drag).

To exit wire mode, press ESC key.

Move the cursor and click on the grid to save the position.

Likewise the rest of the wires can be drawn to connect all the components together. If a wire is to be started from a wire then before connecting wire mode has to be entered manually. This can be done by clicking on  button. Then you click on the wire and start a wire. Then click on the node where you want to connect the wire.

How to edit the properties of components:

1.     Double-click on the component (i.e. resistor or inductor etc.).

2.     It will open a properties window in which you can type in the value and select a unit from the drop-down menu. Click “Save” to save the change.

By checking on the box present adjacent to the property, you allow the property to be displayed on the grid near the component.

3.     Components like diode, BJT have a component library in the properties window from which you can choose different types of components. Click on the required component and save it.

4. In addition, you can rename the component by right-clicking and clicking "Rename" and editing the name. You cannot start the name with a digit or use any characters or space in the name NOTE: Editing the name of the component will only change the name, It will not affect the property in any way.

Some important points:

·        Don’t forget to connect ground  in all of the circuits to denote points with zero potential.

·        At least one source (function generator, dc source) and one measuring instrument(ammeter, voltmeter, CRO) is required when building circuits.

·        Ammeter is connected in series and voltmeter in parallel when connecting in circuits.

·        Always give proper calculated values for resistors and other components- otherwise if they are too small or high they may result in erroneous output values or simulation failing.