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How to use a DC source

What is a DC source?

DC source is a device which generates a continuous and regulated DC voltage. This voltage is available across its two terminals- + and -.

Double-click on the DC source or right-click and select “Edit Properties” to open it. It opens the window as shown below. You can start off by clicking on the display and adding the desired voltage value. Clicking on voltage current button allows you to edit current value.

Parts of DC source


1.     Display: This shows the voltage/current values.

2.     Power on/off.

3.     Numberpad.

4.     Quick help:This gives a brief explanation of all the features on the DC source

5.     Close button.

6.     Voltage/Current toggle button. This selects if either a constant voltage or constant current is supplied.

7.     Arrow keys:These are used to move the cursor in the display.

8.     Knob.

How to set values on the DC source:

·        Open the DC source by double-clicking it.

·        You can choose if the supply should be constant current or constant voltage by clicking on the “voltage/current” button which will toggle between both the modes.

·        Use the arrow keys to move blinking cursor towards right or left in the display.

·        Once the cursor is set in the desired position, click on the numbers on the keypad to edit the values.

·        Alternately you can edit the values by rotating the knob, which when rotated increases or decreases the blinking number.

·        Then by clicking the arrow buttons you can move to the next number.

          You can also edit the values from keyboard     

·        To change the units from mV to V or mA to A, move the cursor to the unit place and rotate the knob. Rotating it clockwise makes it a larger unit and anticlockwise a smaller unit.