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Getting started with DoCircuits

How to save

How to save/restore to a file

All you have to do for saving and restoring is to select the appropriate option from the File menu! "Save to file" and "Restore from file" refers to saving the circuit file on your hard disk and "Save" and "Restore" to save and restore on the cloud. If you are still not convinced then go on:

1.     Go to File and then “Save to File”.

2.     This will open window where you can browse the location to save the file.

3.     Type in the name of the file with an extension as .ckt and click “Save”.

4.     To load a saved file go to File and “Load from file”

Click on “Open”

5.     The shortcuts for save is Ctrl+Shift+S and for load is Ctrl+Shift+L. But note that you will have to click once on the grid before using the shortcut key.

How to save/restore in account

1.     To save or restore circuits in your account, you must be logged in initially

2.     Go to File and click on “Save”.

3.     This will open a dialog box in which you can enter a name and description for the circuit and save it.

4.     To restore the circuit click on “Load” in File.

5.     Select the required circuit to be loaded from the list and click “Load”.