Help and Documentation

Getting started with DoCircuits

How to share circuits

1.     Create a circuit and run appropriate simulation. Once you get the desired output, save the circuit.

2.     You can share your circuit by clicking “Share” icon located on your top-right corner.


3.     “Share Circuit” window will be opened.


4.     Enter Title of the circuit and Description (optional) and click on Share button on the window.

5.     You will receive a pop-up message as shown below.

6.     You can view the shared circuit by clicking on “Dashboard”.

7.     Under a section called "MyCircuits", you can view your circuit. Share the Public link with your friends,so that they can view it too.

8.     If you want to modify the circuit, click on Edit button, after making necessary changes click on “Share”button again.

9.     Click on “Un-share” button to remove the public link.

10.   Deleting will remove the public link and the saved file.

11. You can also share the data plotter image along with the circuit. While sharing click on the "Capture" button in the Share window.

12.  The data plotter will be shown. You can make the necessary changes and click on the 'camera' icon. Then click on 'Share'.

13.  Click on the 'Result' tab to view the shared result in the circuit page.