Monthly Archives: October 2012

Try burning circuits virtually – its fun !

We made a release last week – and we are very excited about this feature we added. Everyone builds circuits and a lot of us love burning them down ( and building them back again ). Circuits burn because you could have connected things incorrectly, or passed a large voltage or current, etc. Teachers and lab assistants never liked that, but as students, our “joy of working in a lab” was incomplete without burning a component or two. Here’s a toast to doing this virtually.

We have an example circuit here.


We took a simple resistor of 200 Ohms – added a DC Source, voltmeter and ground as above. Next, we decided to play Dr EVIL. We increased the voltage in the DC Source to 99V.

Ensure that before running simulation – you click the above feature – Run Power Analysis.

Do that and run the circuit. You will see the resistor burning up and WHY it happened. So go ahead, build more circuits and burn them out. We have added this capability to resistors and capacitors as of now and will soon put this across to other components. Explore and send us your feedback if you liked or disliked this.