Hey everybody! Hope you all are having fun using DoCircuits! Well if a few of you are bored trying only analog circuits, then you are in for a treat as we have just launched fully digital simulation on DoCircuits. Now you can run complete digital simulations using this feature. You will work on digital components such as basic gates, encoders, decoders, multiplexers, demultiplexers etc.

Where you can find the digital button

To start with digital simulation, click on the “Digital” tab found on the Components Panel. This will display all the digital components. Drag and drop the components of your choice and rig up a circuit just as you would in Analog. For digital simulations we have provided special digital sources from which you can give input binary bits for processing. And just as in Analog, click on the “Run” button to open the simulation properties.

Digital Simulation Properties

You can either set the duration of the simulation in nanoseconds or click on default settings if you want. After clicking on the “Run” button a logic analyzer will load which shows the values of the digital signals measured in your circuit. The measuring will be done by labels that can be connected to output or the input. A circuit will look something like this:

A digital circuit

And your analyzer output will look something like this:

The logic analyzer

This analyzer shows all the plots that are measured. The logic levels are measured and along with that the scale is also displayed which can be varied.

Look out for flip flops and digital ICs in the near future. So go on have a try. Go digital DoCircuits style!