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A 7 segment display !

Hi folks! We have been working a lot here at DoCircuits and have come up with some more cool components. Recently we have added a BCD to seven-segment decoder along with a seven segment LED display. You can build really nice experiments with these new additions.

Here is one such interesting circuit: ( Click here to load and run the circuit )

7 segment display

7 segment display

What does this circuit do? It’s a simple counter display that displays the values counted from 0 to 9. This has many interesting applications. One such application is as a token display in banks and hospitals which will display which token is present at the counter and a simple push of a button the next number is displayed.

For this circuit a 7447 IC is essential. This IC is a decoder which converts the BCD input to its corresponding seven-segment code. This code is used to light up the corresponding LEDs in the display so that the BCD number is displayed in decimal. The input of the decoder is given by a simple MOD 10 counter (in real life such ICs like 7490 are used for BCD counting and yes, we’ll be adding it soon too).

It’s that simple. The counter counts from 0 to 9 and the corresponding number is displayed.

Compare Simulators : Multisim Vs PSpice Vs CircuitLab Vs DoCircuits

Ever wondered how your favorite Electronics Virtual Lab – DoCircuits – stacks up against the other circuit simulators – Multisim, PSpice and CircuitLab. These simulators are great tools, and we have just highlighted where they stack up when you compare them against some of the key features in DoCircuits.

The main difference between these tools is the fact that DoCircuits is a cloud based software. It allows affordable and secure access through any machine, LAN, mobile device as long as you are connected to the internet. This is helping teachers to implement the flipped classroom model, helping students to work collaboratively on projects and assignments and helping DIY enthusiasts to work more productively. Integration of real scopes, DMMs, power supplies and AFGs brings the lab on the desktop – literally ! All of this in a flexible and affordable pay per use licensing model.

DoCircuits is continuously innovating and as users, you are what drives Docircuits and the team to innovate and adapt. Here are 10 reasons why you should try out DoCircuits today, signup for a FREE plan if you already haven’t.

No Features PSPICE Multisim CircuitLab DoCircuits
1 Cloud Based ( Ease of Access / Save Circuits on the Cloud ) No No Yes Yes
2 Offline and Online Access No No Yes Yes
3 State of Art Simulations ( AC/DC/ Frequency Domain / Parameteric / Digital) Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Virtual Test and Measurement Devices (Oscilloscope / AFG / DMM / Power Supply) No Yes No Yes
5 Ease of Use ( Worksflows / Single Run / Real and Symbol views ) No No No Yes
6 Share and Collaborate ( Public and Private Circuits ) No No Yes Yes
7 Power Analysis No Yes No Yes
8 Curriculum Customization ( Custom docircuits webpage/ custom lab experiments / LMS Integration ) No No No Yes
9 Large Searchable Circuit Repository ( 1000+ Circuits and growing ) No No Yes Yes
10 Affordable and Flexible Licensing No No No Yes