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Electronics Hobbyists say DoCircuits is the preferred Online Circuit Simulator.

Building Hardware was always cool. Physical things are great. Hardware companies like Apple, Aurduino, etc are disrupting our lives in a big way. At DoCircuits we love hardware hackers and are in absolute awe of their awesome design and applications they build.

Hobbyists use DoCircuits in various ways. Here are what some of the hobbyists tell us

“I have been using DoCircuits to understand some circuit in my amateur radio power amplifier. I was initialing confused about how some of the switching circuits functioned and modeled them until I better understood their operation. I found DoCircuits fairly easy to use an affordable, since I am in effect a hobbyist.”. DoCircuits User ( W9KB ).

“As a hobbyist I find DoCircuits very useful for entering designs and running the simulation. This is particularly useful when I am copying designs from others eg forums etc. It lets me put a design in, play with it and modify it before producing a physical board. I like the range of components and test equipment. I could never afford all of those tools!” – DoCircuits User ( pgalvin )

“So far I have been using DoCircuit for design of filter circuits. It replicates filter circuit outputs pretty accurately and the power analysis has been very handy, I would have blown some highly reactive circuits with large capacitance without it.”. DoCircuits User ( emklein )

Recently we starting tagging circuits based on the tag – “Hobby Electronics” and we urge our hobbyists and other users to use this tag ( To ensure you put a space between Hobby and electronics use double quotes – “ – when you try and tag ). Here are some circuits tagged with “Hobby Electronics” today.

You can search for circuits with this tag by clicking here –

Hobbyists can create some of these fun circuits and use our test and measurement virtual instruments to test and measure appropriate signals.

At DoCircuits – we have been listening to your feedback and we are working on features such as

  • Making simulation faster
  • Introducing more components
  • Better wiring capabilities
  • Better messaging for debugging
  • Private Sharing of Circuits

among other things. Please keep on giving us your valuable feedback and help us make DoCircuits the best Circuit Simulation tool for everyone

Electronics Engineering Assignment Help

Based on our users demanded we are launching Assignment help for Electronics Engineering. Our team of practising engineers and academicians  will help you with your circuit assignment.

Go put in your request for a free quote here at

Our team and faculty can help you with Electronics Engineering Assignment including but not limited to:

- Introductory Circuits

- Advanced Circuits

- Circuit Analysis

- Analog Circuits

- Digital Circuits

- Analog communication Circuits

- Power Electronics

What should you expect from us?

We will provide you with a fully done circuit and other details relevant to the circuit. For example, if your assignment is Modeling a Bipolar Junction Transistor as a switch, here is what you will get from us:

- A complete solution manual for the problem ( )

- A circuit if the assignment needs a circuit ( )

All you need to do is fill up this form – and we will revert with the cost, questions / clarifications and turn around time. The cost will vary from $5 to $25 depending upon the complexity of the problem. The above BJT as a switch assignment will cost $5 as an example. We guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with the answer.

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