Win Prize

We are very excited to bring you what we call – a Hackathon for Circuits. Here is the deal – we are opening up ‘A Circuit A Week’ to you – our users. If your entry gets selected as the month’s circuit – we will publish your circuit, make you our poster boy ( or girl ) for a month, paint the town red with your mug shot, and did I say – give you a cool gizmo as a prize. And we will do this EVERY MONTH !

But wait – you need to qualify for this. Making it to the super league aint so simple. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Log in

2. Create 5 awesome circuits – that work – and save each one of  them. ( You can view your saved circuits in your profile )

3. Send us an email at with the SUBJECT ENROLL : CIRQUITS tell us your username and we will enroll you if you are all set.

4. Details on how to submit your entry for ‘A Circuit A Week’ will be sent over email.

You can send multiple entries and also qualify for every month’s contest. So – what are you waiting for, grab your seats and quickly get us the 5 circuits to qualify.