Few weeks back we launched a new initiative at DoCircuits – helping students with doing their EE and CE assignments and helping hobbyists with their circuits at a fee.

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We are happy to share with you that we had a tremendous initial response to this. Working with faculty,  students and hobbyists, we solved problems, built circuits, created custom lab manuals in the last few weeks and earned some $$ as well. Here are some examples of problems we solved

1. Tuning a photodiode infrared light detector to reject daylight but allow pulsed light > 100Hz


2. Creating finite state machines and reducing expressions


We solve such questions with a fair amount of rigor – with detailed steps, diagrams and explanations as and when required. So, for example for the FSM questions, along with the state table ( below ), we would also provide explanations for the states, their transitions, etc.


3. Finally, we also created custom lab manuals for some faculty who wanted to put a repository of online lab assignments integrated to Docircuits. For example as below


Each lab manual has details such as procedure, what results to expect and sample circuits – for example, one of the labs as above


We are working on making this more streamlined now that we have some initial success. We are also introducing a “private share’ method in DoCircuits so that assignments / circuits which utilize DoCircuits environment can be shared privately.

More fun as we go on ! Dont forget to visit bit.ly/1pHhcEk to record your assignment needs and go to http://www.docircuits.com/blog/electronics-engineering-assignment/ for the topics where we can help you produce a result.