Electronics Engineering Assignment Help

Based on our users demanded we are launching Assignment help for Electronics Engineering. Our team of practising engineers and academicians  will help you with your circuit assignment.

Go put in your request for a free quote here at

Our team and faculty can help you with Electronics Engineering Assignment including but not limited to:

- Introductory Circuits

- Advanced Circuits

- Circuit Analysis

- Analog Circuits

- Digital Circuits

- Analog communication Circuits

- Power Electronics

What should you expect from us?

We will provide you with a fully done circuit and other details relevant to the circuit. For example, if your assignment is Modeling a Bipolar Junction Transistor as a switch, here is what you will get from us:

- A complete solution manual for the problem ( )

- A circuit if the assignment needs a circuit ( )

All you need to do is fill up this form – and we will revert with the cost, questions / clarifications and turn around time. The cost will vary from $5 to $25 depending upon the complexity of the problem. The above BJT as a switch assignment will cost $5 as an example. We guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with the answer.

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DoCircuits + VSKILLS : Become a Certified Electronics Design Associate Today !

The Indian Electronics Industry is going through a very exciting time. In last one year, the Government has announced a slew of policies to accelerate the domestic production of electronics goods ( ESDM policy 2013). Amongst the broad electronics market, certain segments that are expected to drive spectacular growth across the value chain are Smartphones, Set top boxes, LED lighting, Medical Devices and Tablets to name a few.   At the current rate of growth and development,the Indian ESDM industry could potentially employ 2.78 crore by 2020 compared to 44 lakh in 2010. This indicates an urgency to develop skilled manpower by creating the necessary institutions, providing infrastructure and encourage collaboration between industry and academia to hone skill sets. There is a strong need for standardized certification in Electronics to assess the skill of candidates.

At DoCircuits we believe that our experience,expertise and solutions can address this. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with VSKILLS (, a Govt of India initiative, to certify and assess candidates for a Certified Electronics Design Associate certification.   This certification will help candidates secure the right jobs in Electronics, do the right career moves, and get a notch above their peers. According to Jasneet Singh – CEO of VSKILLS, “There is a dire need for harmonized effort to reduce the employability gap and address the structural issues of job demand in the new age sectors – a collaborative approach by government, industry and corporate is therefore required to bridge the skill gap and increase productivity and output.”

The process for this is very simple. As a first step – you need to sign up for the certification and pay, as a second step – the preparatory material comprising of E-books, virtual lab access through DoCircuits ( , mock tests are sent to you and you get to choose your certification venue,date and time. Once you are ready, you take the certification exam and on completion, you get a joint certificate from VSKILLS and DoCircuits. There are other exciting benefits like getting a VSKILLS brand on your resume at MonsterIndia and placement assistance from VSKILLS on successful certification. You can find more details at –  

We strongly believe that certifications such asCEDA will open opportunities for the right candidates in the ESDM industry.

DoCircuits Experiential

It is exciting times at DoCircuits.

We are working on launching  ”DoCircuits- Experiential” a hands on online course with labs in Circuits in early 2014. We believe learning electronics and circuits could be much more fun, practical oriented and more hands on than what it is today. And so we are working on DoCircuits – Experiential, the coolest course which teaches you to learn Electronics Circuits by building projects and combines online video tutorials, virtual labs and hands on labs using real components and a state of the art USB based oscilloscope, waveform generator, etc. 

To do this, we are raising funds on Indiegogo to help us design and deploy the course. We wanted to share this launch exclusively with you at

To be successful at this, we are counting on your help. You can help us in following ways. Please help us by :
1. Your contribution. Your contribution anywhere from $10 to $300 will help us spread the word and build momentum for this. Click on the link (  ) and contribute.
2. Help us spread the word. Share about DoCircuits-Experiential on Facebook, Google Circle or Tweet about it. You can just share the link above and say – “This seems like the coolest way to Learn Electronics.”
3. Forward this to your friends and get them interested in our project.We look forward to your support.
Please feel free to reach us at in case of any questions.

Organize, Discover and Share Circuits with Tags.

Keeping up with our promise of adding interesting new features, we’ve done something that will help you organize your public circuits and help you easily find other user’s public circuits too.  Yes, we have added the functionality of adding ‘Tags’ to your circuit.

Tags add a structured view to circuits. A circuit has significance by itself but also has significance in its relationship to other circuits. Tags are a way in which these relationships can be captured in an easy and visual manner. It’s pretty straightforward. By default our algorithm automatically tags the design with common keywords based on the title, description or components in the circuit whenever you save your design. However, you can also add more meaningful tags to circuit to help your circuits to get discovered better. Adding tags can be easily done by typing them in the space as shown below:

Using tags also makes your public circuits more visible to others. Our public repository of circuits already has thousands of circuits and is growing every day. By contributing meaningful tags the community helps everyone else who might be looking for similar designs. What’s more? When you search for tags, we automatically highlight any related tags which you may use to search for other similar circuits.

Thus taking the tag ‘OR GATE’ from the example above, if we search for it simply by clicking it you will see a group of circuits all of that were tagged with ‘OR GATE’ or in other words all that have an OR gate in common.

Thus you can easily group and search for the circuits using tags.

You can use the following guidelines to add custom tags to the circuit:

  • Concept based tags, such as rectification, filter, integration, Kirchoff law etc.

  • Component related tags such as Zener diode, BC547, 7-segment display etc.

  • If your circuit is a building block for a bigger application, you can also include broader such as “traffic lights”, “mobile charger”, “vending machine” etc.

But note that even though you assign tags on your private circuit, they are only meaningful on public circuits. Clicking on a tag will always search for the corresponding public circuits with similar tags.

We hope tagging circuits does bring about a change in the searching and organization of your favorite circuits.

CircuitJam : Your monthly newsletter from DoCircuits – Sep, 2013

DoCircuits: is going places and so are you. We are still reeling from the awesome response we got for CircuitTrek 2013 – the first ever online circuit design competition. More than 100+ teams registered and played out doing circuits for 2 weeks – 2 weeks of intense team work, competition and innovation. We will soon launch the next version of CircuitTrek – watch this space.

We were working at some cool enhancements while you were using DoCircuits. You would have noticed our new features such as - Real and Symbolic ViewsFile based sources7 Segment Display , Multiplier IC, Digital ICs, New component dashboard, etc. I hope you are enjoying using them as much as we are enjoying making them !

One of the important features introduced is a more affordable DoCircuits plan to you users ( All PRO users will automatically get migrated to GEEK licenses ). We urge you to check out the new pricing plans and opt for a more affordable DoCircuits. Your support will help us to continue our effort on innovation and building cool features in DoCircuits. For those who want to earn rewards, we are running a ‘Refer a friend Campaign‘ all of this month. Invite your friends and get complimentary HACKER licenses – yes, I know that’s unbelievable, but its true !

Join us on facebook on more recent updates, fun and engaging contests. Until then have fun with your circuits ! If you have any feedback drop us a line at 

DoCircuits Now Accepting Registrations for International Online Circuit Design Competition “CircuitTrek 2013” for Students of Engineering and Technical Schools

In a recent announcement, the premier cloud based, Virtual Electronics Labs DoCircuits announced the International Online Circuit Design Competition “CircuitTrek 2013” open for registrations. CircuitTrek is an international online circuit design competition for students of engineering and technical colleges. The competition will run for three weeks and every week, the teams will be presented with a set of problems on circuits to solve. Teams have to solve the problems online on the Virtual Electronics Lab .


Teams would be evaluated on their problem solving capabilities, correctness of solution and out of the box thinking capabilities for design.

Talking about CircuitTrek, Debabrata Bagchi (Deb), CEO DoCircuits said, “Students in over 400 schools across the world use our Virtual Labs and we have created a vibrant ecosystem of electronics lovers. CircutTrek is another initiative to spread the love of electronics and bring our community together. Imagine students and schools from across the world competing and they can participate from their schools, homes and dorms.”

CircuitTrek has some interesting prizes lined up including Free full access to for 100 students from the top 3 teams cash prizes and more. “We are giving away prizes worth $10,000 this year,” Deb added. “However, personally I think LinkedIn/ Professional recommendation that we have for the winning teams will be much more valuable to the students.”

“I am an avid fan of everything science fiction, from Asimov to Star Wars and CircuitTrek has an interesting theme this year that perhaps reflects my passion,” Deb said. “Circuitship Enterprise has been hit by a gamma ray and Captain Diode needs help of Electronics Geeks to fix his ship. Are you up for the challenge?”

To know more about the competition check out CircuitTrek’s Facebook event and fill out this short form to register your team

About DoCircuits

DoCircuits is a premier Cloud Based Virtual Electronics. DoCircuits is changing the way students in Engineering and Technical Colleges learn electronics by empowering them with tools to conduct their Lab experiments online. Students get access to state of the art virtual test and measurement instruments and real life like components on the cloud. DoCircuits is being used by over 400 schools in over 150+ countries.

A new DoCircuits offline

Hi folks! How is your lab experience going on with DoCircuits? You may have downloaded and used our offline version and you would have noticed that it looks and feels different from the online version and lacks chutzpah  So recently we launched a new, improved and cooler offline DoCircuits for you to work with. You can download it from the following URL:

So how different is it from your online virtual lab? Well apart from the fact that it’s offline, it’s actually a clone of the online version which keeps all your favorite features intact and much more. As you know the free version in has limitations but DoCircuits offline, once you get access to it, will be totally unlimited with respect to features.

So get started, it’s very simple. Go to the link above ( ) and download the setup file which is 39MB.  After installing, log in using your Online DoCircuits ID. You must be connected to the internet for activating your offline version and logging in for the first time. As part of this process, you must enter a license key to activate the tool. This is a paid feature, so you can go to the pricing page to find out how to get the license key ( For more information on installation click hereAfter that you will be redirected to our welcome page which introduces to some features for you to get started with. From then on working on this is just as you would work on the online version.

Welcome screen

The offline version has many advantages compared to the online version:

  • Faster simulations. As the simulation need not connect with our servers to obtain the result, simulations take place considerably faster. No more worrying about slow internet connections.
  • Save/Load compatibility. Let’s say you are working on the online version and are interrupted while doing an experiment. Save the experiment locally on your disk and that file could be loaded from the offline version and edited.
  • Full Version. In addition to the offline tool access the license key that you purchase will allow you full access to all features in the online version and also unlimited simulations and saved circuits.
  • Supports Windows for now. But DoCircuits will soon support Linux and Mac.

Announcing Cirquits : A Hackathon for Circuits

Win Prize

We are very excited to bring you what we call – a Hackathon for Circuits. Here is the deal – we are opening up ‘A Circuit A Week’ to you – our users. If your entry gets selected as the month’s circuit – we will publish your circuit, make you our poster boy ( or girl ) for a month, paint the town red with your mug shot, and did I say – give you a cool gizmo as a prize. And we will do this EVERY MONTH !

But wait – you need to qualify for this. Making it to the super league aint so simple. Here’s what you need to do.

1. Log in

2. Create 5 awesome circuits – that work – and save each one of  them. ( You can view your saved circuits in your profile )

3. Send us an email at with the SUBJECT ENROLL : CIRQUITS tell us your username and we will enroll you if you are all set.

4. Details on how to submit your entry for ‘A Circuit A Week’ will be sent over email.

You can send multiple entries and also qualify for every month’s contest. So – what are you waiting for, grab your seats and quickly get us the 5 circuits to qualify.


Early Survey Results

In our earlier post we had told you about a survey we are doing, where we are trying to understand what educators and teachers think of virtual labs. While the survey is still ON – we were quite excited by some of the results, and wanted to share them with you.

Our first question was to understand how faculty use simulations today. Here are some results.

How simulation is used(Click on the picture to enlarge )

Our second question was about accessibility. It is no surprise that easy accessibility is a key metric today.

Online Browser Based Simulator(Click on the picture to enlarge )

Device agnostic also came up as expected. Faculty also feels the need for such simulations to be accessible on devices.

Device Agnostic simulation(Click on the picture to enlarge )

The next one is very interesting and even Prof Anant Agarwal of MITx fame talks about it. Technologies to generate and evaluate higher order assessments are  much needed today – not only in online learning but also in traditional classroom learning. In fact – I personally believe people are stretching MCQs a bit too far.
Online Assessments
(Click on the picture to enlarge )
The last one is a solid indication that we are on the right track. People love our virtual devices and components. What do you think ?
Virtual circuit devices and components
(Click on the picture to enlarge )
These are some early results. But these are interesting indications of things to come. Please share with your comments and feedback. We would love to hear them.



Virtual Labs: Survey

The last two weeks have been very busy, conducting closed trials, fixing bugs, engaging with more customers and finally most importantly reaching out to users for their feedback. ( I will urge users to share their feedback by sending an email . We will soon integrate Uservoice into our system. )

We also have started a survey, trying to understand what educators and teachers think of virtual labs. If you are a teacher or if you know a teacher, we would request you to take the survey or send the survey across. It will take only 1/2 a minute to do this.

If you leave your details, we will get back to you with 2 things

1. The final survey report

2. A complimentary access to the full features of DoCircuits

Meanwhile, please help us by spreading the word for DoCircuits. We welcome you, your friends to try out do circuits.

BTW, We are now on twitter – follow us on ‘docircuits’.