The Indian Electronics Industry is going through a very exciting time. In last one year, the Government has announced a slew of policies to accelerate the domestic production of electronics goods ( ESDM policy 2013). Amongst the broad electronics market, certain segments that are expected to drive spectacular growth across the value chain are Smartphones, Set top boxes, LED lighting, Medical Devices and Tablets to name a few.   At the current rate of growth and development,the Indian ESDM industry could potentially employ 2.78 crore by 2020 compared to 44 lakh in 2010. This indicates an urgency to develop skilled manpower by creating the necessary institutions, providing infrastructure and encourage collaboration between industry and academia to hone skill sets. There is a strong need for standardized certification in Electronics to assess the skill of candidates.

At DoCircuits we believe that our experience,expertise and solutions can address this. We are excited to announce that we have teamed up with VSKILLS (, a Govt of India initiative, to certify and assess candidates for a Certified Electronics Design Associate certification.   This certification will help candidates secure the right jobs in Electronics, do the right career moves, and get a notch above their peers. According to Jasneet Singh – CEO of VSKILLS, “There is a dire need for harmonized effort to reduce the employability gap and address the structural issues of job demand in the new age sectors – a collaborative approach by government, industry and corporate is therefore required to bridge the skill gap and increase productivity and output.”

The process for this is very simple. As a first step – you need to sign up for the certification and pay, as a second step – the preparatory material comprising of E-books, virtual lab access through DoCircuits ( , mock tests are sent to you and you get to choose your certification venue,date and time. Once you are ready, you take the certification exam and on completion, you get a joint certificate from VSKILLS and DoCircuits. There are other exciting benefits like getting a VSKILLS brand on your resume at MonsterIndia and placement assistance from VSKILLS on successful certification. You can find more details at –  

We strongly believe that certifications such asCEDA will open opportunities for the right candidates in the ESDM industry.