Hi folks, greetings from DoCircuits! It’s great to see everyone having fun learning with DoCircuits. As promised we have been introducing new features and components to enrich your learning experience on a regular basis. We hope you have found them useful and user-friendly. That on one side, we have found some recurring issues related to some type of circuits from the simulations you have run. Let’s try to get those issues addressed in this blog and the ones that follow.

Consider a basic full wave rectifier as shown below:

Note the ground that is connected at the transformer primary to the negative terminal of the input supply. Most circuits that you find online or in text books don’t show this ground and so you may not use it while connecting the circuit. But for our simulator to understand the negative terminal as a reference point a ground has to be connected. If that ground is missed the output will be zero when measured at the input. Similarly if ground is not connected at the secondary you will get an erroneous output.