In our earlier post we had told you about a survey we are doing, where we are trying to understand what educators and teachers think of virtual labs. While the survey is still ON – we were quite excited by some of the results, and wanted to share them with you.

Our first question was to understand how faculty use simulations today. Here are some results.

How simulation is used(Click on the picture to enlarge )

Our second question was about accessibility. It is no surprise that easy accessibility is a key metric today.

Online Browser Based Simulator(Click on the picture to enlarge )

Device agnostic also came up as expected. Faculty also feels the need for such simulations to be accessible on devices.

Device Agnostic simulation(Click on the picture to enlarge )

The next one is very interesting and even Prof Anant Agarwal of MITx fame talks about it. Technologies to generate and evaluate higher order assessments are  much needed today – not only in online learning but also in traditional classroom learning. In fact – I personally believe people are stretching MCQs a bit too far.
Online Assessments
(Click on the picture to enlarge )
The last one is a solid indication that we are on the right track. People love our virtual devices and components. What do you think ?
Virtual circuit devices and components
(Click on the picture to enlarge )
These are some early results. But these are interesting indications of things to come. Please share with your comments and feedback. We would love to hear them.