Hey everybody! Hope that you loved the new digital feature that we spoke of in the last post and that you are having fun Doing digital Circuits. So as promised we are adding more features and this new post is about another new feature we’ve introduced in DoCircuits.
Earlier if you were to share a circuit, you would get a link which contained the title of the circuit, its image and its description. But that is just half the job done. What about the result of that particular circuit? Won’t it be more informative if you could share – along with the circuit diagram – its output plot also? Well that’s exactly what you can do now with DoCircuits.
It’s quite easy. After simulating the circuit (if you don’t run the simulation it’s fine as while sharing you will be asked to) click on Share and in the ‘Share’window you will find a button to capture the output screen:

The share window

Click on the Share button. And you will be redirected to the plotter output where after setting which output to plot you can capture the screen image for sharing.

Click here to capture the image

Click on the “Capture Snapshot”button and you will redirected to the Share window. Click on Share and the circuit page will be shown. You can click on the Result tab on this page to view the result on the shared circuit page.

The result tab in the circuit page shown by the red circle

We hope this will be really useful to you and are happy to hear your comments.