Hearty greetings from DoCircuits! We believe you are having a great time working on circuits and discovering how fun electronics can be. Well we have introduced something that will make it even more fun.

What if you have designed an awesome circuit and wish to show it to your teacher? Or you rigged up a circuit but facing some problem in it and want to verify the circuit with a friend or colleague? Rest assured! All this and much more are possible with the new Share feature that we have introduced. And it is very easy! Just connect the circuit and click on Share.

Where to find Share

A unique public page for your circuit will be created with a unique link. You can share the link on Facebook with your friends or tweet it or simply email the link to anyone!

The Dashboard

Also each user now will have a dashboard displaying their saved circuits along with the image. This dashboard will display a wide range of options including editing the circuit, sharing/un-sharing the circuit and deleting the circuit. The shared link is also given along with the circuit if it is shared.

So go ahead! Create more circuits and share them with your friends. We also welcome new circuits and you can share your circuits on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/DoCircuits

To know in detail about our Share feature click here