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Electronics Engineering Assignment Help

Based on our users demanded we are launching Assignment help for Electronics Engineering. Our team of practising engineers and academicians  will help you with your circuit assignment.

Go put in your request for a free quote here at bit.ly/1pHhcEk

Our team and faculty can help you with Electronics Engineering Assignment including but not limited to:

- Introductory Circuits

- Advanced Circuits

- Circuit Analysis

- Analog Circuits

- Digital Circuits

- Analog communication Circuits

- Power Electronics

What should you expect from us?

We will provide you with a fully done circuit and other details relevant to the circuit. For example, if your assignment is Modeling a Bipolar Junction Transistor as a switch, here is what you will get from us:

- A complete solution manual for the problem (http://www.docircuits.com/lab-manual/4/bjt-as-a-switch )

- A circuit if the assignment needs a circuit ( http://www.docircuits.com/circuit-editor/329/bjt-as-a-switch )

All you need to do is fill up this form – bit.ly/1pHhcEk and we will revert with the cost, questions / clarifications and turn around time. The cost will vary from $5 to $25 depending upon the complexity of the problem. The above BJT as a switch assignment will cost $5 as an example. We guarantee a full refund if you are not satisfied with the answer.

Please fill up the form here at bit.ly/1pHhcEk


DoCircuits Experiential

It is exciting times at DoCircuits.

We are working on launching  ”DoCircuits- Experiential” a hands on online course with labs in Circuits in early 2014. We believe learning electronics and circuits could be much more fun, practical oriented and more hands on than what it is today. And so we are working on DoCircuits – Experiential, the coolest course which teaches you to learn Electronics Circuits by building projects and combines online video tutorials, virtual labs and hands on labs using real components and a state of the art USB based oscilloscope, waveform generator, etc. 

To do this, we are raising funds on Indiegogo to help us design and deploy the course. We wanted to share this launch exclusively with you at

To be successful at this, we are counting on your help. You can help us in following ways. Please help us by :
1. Your contribution. Your contribution anywhere from $10 to $300 will help us spread the word and build momentum for this. Click on the link ( http://igg.me/at/docircuits/x/5518741  ) and contribute.
2. Help us spread the word. Share about DoCircuits-Experiential on Facebook, Google Circle or Tweet about it. You can just share the link above and say – “This seems like the coolest way to Learn Electronics.”
3. Forward this to your friends and get them interested in our project.We look forward to your support.
Please feel free to reach us at info@docircuits.com in case of any questions.