Module 3 Measuring of branch currents

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A cut set of a graph is a set of branches whose removal, cuts the connected graph into two parts such that the replacement of any branch of the cut-set renders the two parts connected. To find a cut-set, first select a tree, then a tree branch, and divide the graph into two sets of nodes by drawing a dotted line through the selected tree branch and appropriate cotree links while avoiding intersection with any other tree branches. From the cut-sets a cut-set schedule is made with tree branch as the row and all branch numbers as the column. Branch currents are found using the following matrix equation IB = YBVB + IS where YB is the branch admittance matrix made up of the admittance values, VB is the branch voltage matrix and IS is the source currents matrix.
1. Connect the circuit as shown.
2. Run DC Analysis without sweep And observe the branch current values:

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Created on: 18 Sep 2013
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